Spares For Cigarette Making Machinery:
Harish Industries have been well established in the supply of spare parts and services to the Tobacco and Cigarette Production Industry forover 35 years. We are well-known Supplier of spares for MK8 Making, PA7RO / MAX Filter Cutting Attachment, AMF/SASIB Soft Cup Packers, HLP / Duplex / GD Packers and Scandia Wrappers.
Harish Industries designs and manufacture high quality spares in its extensive modern machine shops. The company holds stock of upto 15,000 items for a wide variety of Making, Cigarette Handling, Packing and Wrapping Machines.
Highly skilled Design and Production Engineers using an extensive range of CONVENTIONAL AND CNC Machine Tools are able to undertake reverse engineering projects.
Extensive contacts within the industry enable us to locate and source other parts for both Primary and Secondary Equipment.

Spares For Cigarette Packing Machinery:
We can cover most requirements from consumables such as Staves, Impellers, Knives, Levers, Shafts, Cams, Bush Lightweight Moulded Plastic Parts for Making, Packing and Wrapping, through to parts required, within 24 hours on an urgent basis for breakdown eventualities.
This is achieved by holding a large stock inventory, which has evolved over the years using historic knowledge to ensure the right parts are stocked. Our inventory is in fact, kept in tune with our Customers’ needs. Due to our inventories depth, we have been able to help our Customers not only to save on Prices but also on Administration time.
As a leading Spare Part Supplier to the Tobacco Industry worldwide, HARISH INDUSTRIES is able to assist Customers to keep their inventory of spares to a minimum. Our large stocks and attractive manufacturing lead times ensure our Customers benefit from lower average stock levels.
Whether you have a singular specific requirement or an enquiry covering many items it will receive the same diligent and efficient response.
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