• Our Infrastructure
    Our factory is well equipped with the latest Automatic and Power Aided Machineries enabling us to produce the best quality Products as per the specification of our valued Customers. Our strength is a team of technically skilled personnel with strength of about 50 on our floor. Our expertise and professionalism is the result of our long term association with many several National and Multinational companies.
  • Domestic Market
    We are the number one supplier for Critical Spares and machineries for renowned customers in here India. We have been working quite closely with the Indian Cigarette Manufactures and have successfully developed the lot of Spares for MARK-8 (Mollins), AMF / Sasib (Soft Cup Packer), Max, PA7RO, Scandia, HLP, Duplex and GD machines.
  • Exports
    Our innovative and customer driven approach for our aforesaid products has enabled our unprecedented exports to Far East and Middle East UK , USA countries alike.
  • Quality is our main objective at all time
    We have a continued commitment to improve the existing standards of quality and provide our customer with latest Industry standards to ensure quality, assurance, marketing, technical support, design development and sales support.
  • Highly qualified Industry Standards
    Our products are manufactured as per national and International standards, packed in anti-corrosive and anti-shock export worthy boxes.